How To Create Attractive Packaging Design – 5 Tips

Good packaging design is going to be one big call to action. It will benefit small firms to compete against large brands.

Eye-catching product packaging can have a huge effect on sales and even reduce promotional costs. Give your products a lot of glittering goodness with these 5 Product Packaging Design Tips. Having a foothold to face out on the shelf and online comes right down to straightforward decisions.

Here are some tips to urge a beautiful packaging design for retail or food business:

Start by designing the packaging early in the development process. (Pieces of Advice) varies design to get an imagined idea of how your product should look. Compare it with what competitors have wiped out their packaging. Some ideas may come from products in other categories. Develop models based on your market research. Consumers are the best source to express what they want to see or need.

Less is more for several products. Trying to segregate a product with its packaging can have a bad result. Make sure the packaging does what’s necessary, nothing more. The product must be easy to move, include applicable warnings and also protect the merchandise. Custom packaging is often expensive and if it doesn’t serve a purpose, it is a waste of selling money.

  • Consider branding and positioning

Positioning and branding are important factors to consider. Knowing the target market for a specific product includes identifying your expectations for the product. Investigating users will assist you to determine the foremost effective and attractive packaging. Discover how the products of your competition are failing to meet their needs and exploit them.

  • Identify how it will be sold

Selling products online is slightly different than having them on the shelf of a store. Consumers won’t be ready to touch and feel the merchandise before buying it, therefore the packaging must appeal to other senses. Even so, a product that’s on a shelf should stand out from the competition enough for consumers to shop for it.

Whether the merchandise is sold online, or in a store, or both, the text on the packaging must be legible. The target market determines how big or small you can make the text. The color must match the general design of the package. This also requires placing only the important and omitting superfluous text. If consumers have problems reading how wonderful your product is, they’re going to buy the one from the competition.


  • Trying to squeeze an excessive amount of information on the front-facing – it's not a brochure
  • A name that’s hard to mention and hard to recollect, or design is just too complicated for the print size on the pack
  • Text is too small to read without glasses
  • Irrelevant or inauthentic promises – claims need to be valuable to the consumer and also true
  • Trendy design styles don’t last an extended time – usually 2-3 years but really you would like 5-7 years out of the planning.

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