Paying Social Media Jobs Review : Does It Work?


Along with the development of technology, people have become accustomed to finding new job opportunities through the Internet. Many websites are open to assist people looking for work, with or without a fee.

We often think that paid sites will bring more quality positions; is that true? Is Paying Social Media Jobs legit or not? The answer is in the next section.

What Is Paying Social Media Job?

What Are They?

They advertise as mediators linking companies looking for social media managers with potential candidates. The targets are people who want to make extra money and are prepared to manage those accounts.

They assert that you don't need any prior knowledge and can sign up and start making money immediately. It would help if you had some free time and a basic comprehension of the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube platforms.

The homepage is somewhat vague about what you'll be doing, who you'll be doing it for, and how much money you'll be making. Nevertheless, after entering your email address, you're brought to another page where you're told Annie Jones' tale (who is considered the founder of this website).

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The Story

Annie describes how she successfully moved from being deeply in debt to becoming a social media manager.

It only took this other mom six months to recover. She lost her job, hit financial rock bottom, and became more financially secure and stable than ever.

Annie first learned about paid social media gigs through this. Within a day, she had landed her first job thanks to this guy. She now wishes to assist you in the same manner that assistance was provided to her.

In six months, Annie claims to have made $19,847 from sponsored social media promotions. She also offers a screenshot of the profile as proof of payment.

However, this evidence appears to be unreliable and unconfirmed.

How Does It Work?

Sign Up For Free

You don't need to pay money to sign up. This is how the website attracts many people to try and convey its founder's story, which is seen as motivational.

It's all a ruse to make you believe you're one of the "selected few" who was fortunate enough to be accepted as a member. You must complete an application form when you sign up to persuade them that you are deserving of this chance.

When you submit the form, a screen looks like someone is reviewing your application. In 30 seconds, it will notify you that you passed.

They confirm that they have a pressing need for social media managers and that work is available to begin immediately. However, you must first pay the $27 cost to reserve your position. Then there is the additional pressure of the 60-minute countdown to action.

Learn The Program By Paying $27

The advertised price is $27 for a one-time purchase. When you leave the website, a popup will appear with a reduced price of just $17.

Also worth highlighting are the following two optional upsells. It isn't easy to describe exactly what these are about. We are told to purchase these to access "even more employment" and receive "even more training."

Before enrolling, you will be offered a thorough training program to learn all you require to work as a full-time manager.

There isn't any over-the-shoulder skill training, mentorship, or support. You can't attain your online revenue goals by doing the following concrete measures.

Is It A Scam?

We do not advise buying the Paying Social Media Jobs in light of this and the unfavorable customer reviews.

To give its client scarcity, this website employs many dubious promotional strategies. They also mislead visitors into thinking that as soon as they pay for the course, lucrative jobs will become available to them.

Suppose you're serious about pursuing this line of work. In that case, you may start by enrolling in one of the many comprehensive marketing courses or one of the many useful online video tutorials.

Many quality courses are available - Image source: Alison


We can confirm that the Paying Social Media Jobs site is not trustworthy. Apart from Annie's story and the information you can find anywhere on the Internet, it's nonsense for long-term growth. For $27, you can find many quality courses and a better chance.